Reduce Hospital Readmissions Rates

iTreatMD equips providers with clinical insights to high risk patients who have been discharged to a post-acute care center within a 30-day window. Hospital clinicians will receive seamless access to data on a patient’s condition and real-time information about their vitals, medications, lab reports, and more at the discharged facility.

Solution Features

Visibility into Change of Condition/Disease

Observe the right level of care at the right time for each patient.

Control Patient Medications

Limit possible side effects and ensure optimal dosage.

Monitor Patient Status

Visibility into real-time care data to quickly determine if a patient’s status is improving or worsening.

Predictive Modeling

Assess care data and use proven projection models to determine the likelihood of readmission.

Patient-Facility Matching

Ensure patients are discharged to the relevant facility to optimize outcomes and manage their care needs.

Third-Party Integrations with Post-Discharge Facilities

Effortlessly integrates with various facility EMRs and third-party applications to download patient information on a nightly basis.

Reduce CMS readmission rates by up to 50%!

Providers have limited, if any, clinical line-of-sight into a patient’s condition once discharged. Their ability to adjust care or assess levels of improvement is significantly reduced until the patient is readmitted, and by that time, it’s too late to avoid a preventable hospital visit.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) every year!

The average readmissions cost is $14,400 per patient and rising every year. Learn how you can reduce your CMS readmissions penalties by unlocking your free Costs Saving Analysis!